Association will be conducting Football Coaching on Mon / Wed / Fri.


Our Music Teacher will be introducing Bhagavath Geeta, 6 Bhajans & Sarali Varisai on Tuesdays & Thursdays.


Our Dance Classes conducts Western & Folk style dancing on Mondays & Wednesdays.


Karate Master Geri Bala has been training our children and has been taking them for grading, some of our children have already passed blue, green and red belt, grading is done every 4 months, we will inform you when your child is ready for grading. Extra karate classes are available over the weekend.

Art and Craft

Our art and craft teacher is a new teacher who will be using different kinds of material each week to improve the child's eye hand coordination and tactile stimulation.
We will be having an expert storyteller to come in every Friday for a 45 min story reading session...